We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends (Photo Edition)

Here are my top 7 moments of collaboration and leadership OUTSIDE the Darden classroom in the past month…

1) Outdoors Club Park City Ski Trip

The first and only time I had been on skis was when I was in the 5th grade and my Girl Scout troop went to Ski Liberty in Pennsylvania. I decided to go on the ski trip this year to Utah even though I, well, can’t ski. On the first full day there, I took ski lessons in the morning. Then two of my good friends–Katie and Lily– came down to the bottom of the mountain to get me and brought me alllll the way to the top for lunch. Afterwards, they –along with Kendall– brought me allll the way back to the bottom of the mountain, half on green and half on blue (!!!). The girls were incredibly patient, not to mention AMAZING instructors. They turned the lesson into songs and dances (“pizza! french fry! BUTTERFLY!” “UP UP UP!! down down dowwwwwn”) – we pretty much danced and sang our way down that mountain. And we (ahem, I) had some phenomenal spills (Lils, sorry I grabbed you as I fell that one time…). I don’t think any of us will forget that run down the mountain, and I don’t think I have laughed that hard in ages!! (Kendall’s Facebook friends can click here for one of four special instructional video on how to get up once you’ve skied into a mountain…..).

an hour and a half later...MADE IT TO THE BOTTOM! best.instructors.ever.

2) BGiA Pasta Making

4 of my fellow Section B SY friends and I bid on an evening of pasta making. 5 hours and many bottles of wine later….we did it! We created five amazing dishes and had an amazing time.



pasta making

dinner is served!

3) Bar Golf

Seniors! Need I say more?! Air raids are definitely a team activity. I don’t think our team won that night,  but we definitely had fun. And got in trouble at every bar for our whistles.


4) Bike Riding

Another new thing I decided to try this year….bike riding! I rode a bike all growing up and used to take my mountain bike on trails when I was in high school, but I pretty much hadn’t touched a bike since then (with Spring Break in Argentina last year being a small exception). I bought a road bike over Winter Break, and went out for my inaugural ride with Lily and Sadie recently. There’s a reason why the saying goes “it’s like riding a bike”–but where they helped me was figuring out when and how to switch gears. So much fun, and I’m excited for the weather to get a bit warmer so we can head out more often.

to Foxfield and back

to Foxfield and back

5) Wine Tour (Afton, Veritas, King Family)

Trust me, this is a group activity. Total collaboration. You need a solid group devoted to wine tastings, hill rolling, picnicing, and Wahooptie bus dancing. Leave no man behind. The reason for going on this fine Saturday? A friend’s fiance in town + unseasonable weather (sorry, Mother Nature!)–



King Family

6) Southern Cook Off

DSA and the Black Business Student Forum joined forces to bring the Darden community the first ever SOUTHERN COOK OFF to commemorate Black History Month! Congrats to the winning team, Piggly Wiggly, for the most amazing ham biscuits around (I had nothing to do with the judging and decision making!!).

Piggly Wiggly

The Winning Team!! They got a $100 gift certificate to a new restaurant in Charlottesville--The Whiskey Jar.

7) BGiA Persian Dance Lessons and Food

And finally, an item that I auctioned off in the SY BGiA Auction – Persian Dance Lessons and Food! We actually did this tonight and had a great time. We danced for a while (warm up, moves, freestyle–and I’ve heard of more than a few FYs who saw us on the Ivy walking path en route to learning team) and then ate a Persian feast that my sister and I prepared yesterday. Teamwork all around!


...and after!

There are so many wonderful things about Darden–most notably that our classmates, peers, and friends can teach us a multitude of things…and SY provides lots of opportunities to learn!

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